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Mini Wireless Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner


Strong suction power: Upgraded digital high-speed motor, 120w maximum power, wind pressure increased to 6000Pa, bringing strong suction power. Easily absorb dust, residue, soot, pet hair, etc. in the car, leaving the whole car clean.

Wireless handheld design: 
Designed for mobility, so that the vacuum cleaner is not restricted by wires and can easily clean up dirty environments. It is not only suitable for vehicles, but also for daily home and office environments.

Small and portable:
 lightweight design, exquisite appearance, specially designed for hand-held balance, change the gravity design, long-time holding will not be tired. The space in the car can be placed at will, and it can be placed in the storage box in the car, and the side door pocket is accessible.

LED lights are illuminated at a large angle: 
The space in the car is narrow, and the right-angle design allows the vacuum cleaner to be moved around to better clean up dead corners. Equipped with LED lights to illuminate every dark corner, the dust/dirt in the gap is also hidden.

Easy to clean: 
Say goodbye to the old design, the car and the family are dual-use, and cleaning is no longer difficult. The reusable water-washable filter makes the water-washable filter more environmentally friendly.

Charge anywhere: 
Variety of charging methods, charger mobile power, laptop, car charger.